Lau Ywen

Notable Achievements

  • 2016 U17 World Champion
  • 2016 Asian U17 Team Champion
  • 2016 Asian U17 Silver
  • 2017 Asian U17 Bronze
  • 2014 Asian Championships Top 8
  • 2017 SEA Games Champion
  • 2015 SEA Games Bronze
  • 2016 SEAFF Champion
  • 2016 Godollo ECC Champion
  • 2016 Meylan ECC Silver
  • 2015 Sofia ECC Silver

Fun Facts

  • She is afraid of otters.
  • She got her leg broken by a motorbike when she was eight.
  • Ywen went to the London Olympics! As a Mcdonald's Champions of Play ambassador. You can probably still find her audition videos on Youtube.
  • She can do Xbox Kinect dance battles with her eyes closed.
  • Her spirit animal is a giraffe.
Fencing is about expressing yourself. When you are in the moment, nothing else matters, and nothing makes your prouder than being able to impose your style and tactics on your opponent. I fence behind a mask and my name, but it makes me feel that people can appreciate me for my fencing, not for anything else. In this moment, I get to show who I really am.
— Ywen