Nicole Wee

Notable Achievements

  • 2016 Asian U17 Team Champion
  • 2017 Asian U17 Team Bronze
  • 2016 Asian U17 Top 8
  • 2016 Sofia ECC Top 8
  • 2016 Hong Kong U17 Bronze
  • 2016 National U20 Champion

Fun Facts

  • Nicole is an enthusiastic foodie! Follow her food reviews on instagram @foodwithnic
  • She in physically incapable of burping
  • She has a weird phobia of belly buttons
  • Her spirit animal is a raccoon
Fencing is one of the most unique sports I have played and I have no regrets pursuing it. Through fencing I have traveled and gained new experiences and friends. It has taught me countless life lessons, and has certainly changed me for the better. I have been fencing for almost half my life, and it has been time well spent.
— Nicole