February 2016 - Glimmer and Shine at the Asian Cadet & Junior Championships

February was a headliner for Singapore's youth fencers, with magnificent results at the Asian Junior & Cadet Championships held in both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. After the conclusion of January, three of our members (Joyce, Nicole & Ywen) had made it into the Cadet and Junior Teams and had the opportunity to fence against the best fencers in the continent, with our own Coach David travelling with the girls.


25th February : Cadet Girls' Sabre Individual

The Cadet team for Singapore consisted of Nicole Wee, Lau Ywen, Nicole Goh and Jessica Ong, with two from Asgard and Z Fencing respectively. 

Poules - 

Ywen (2nd)
Jessica (6th)
Nicole Goh (8th)
Nicole Wee (20th)

All the girls had managed to qualify. Ywen, Jessica and Nicole Goh would be facing comparatively weaker opponents due to their high ranks, and Nicole Wee would face a tough bout against someone who performed slightly better than her.

The T32 was a mostly comfortable round for the girls. Nicole Wee had the unfortunate task of having to beat a stronger opponent, but she managed to pull off a nail-biting 15-14 victory against the 13th ranked fencer to enter the Top 16s. This allowed her to assume the 13th rank and she would be facing the 3rd ranked fencer in the Top 16s.

In what was an ideal result, ALL the girls managed to put their opponents away, placing 4 Singaporeans in the Top 8 round. However, both Nicoles ended their great run here with losses. Ywen and Jessica forged on only to meet one another in the Semifinals, with Ywen winning and entering the Finals. 

Facing Japan, Ywen had a very close fought battle. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be as Japan was crowned Cadet Champion, 15-13. It did not take the shine of the significance of the results, as both Jessica and Ywen made Singapore Fencing History, being the first Sabreurs to medal at the Asian Championships.

27th February : Cadet Girls' Sabre Team

With the great results from the Individual Events the Girls were placed First in the team rankings. They comfortably found their way to the finals after beating Japan 45-35 in the semifinals, where they were matched up against Korea.

The match was a closely contested one, with Korea's team having a good balance in level as well.  The girls gave it their best and the fairytale run continued, clinching the Gold with the score of 45-41.

28th February : Junior Girls' Sabre Individual 

The Junior event was a step up from the Cadet events, with older and tougher fencers where experience has more weight. 

Poules & Direct Eliminations

Ywen, Joyce and Candice managed qualification and unfortunately Jessica did not make it past the poules. Joyce & Candice were eliminated in the Top 32s, and Ywen (due to her high post-poule ranking) had a bye into the Top 16s. Here she dispatched her opponent 15-7 and went on the the Quarterfinals against China, where she agonisingly lost 15-14.

1st March : Junior Girls' Sabre Team

The team were placed against a strong Japanese team in the Quaterfinals. Although Japan were favourites for the win, the team managed to pull off another upset, 45-42, to enter the Semifinals and sealing a Bronze medal. 

Superpower China was up next, and we made an honourable effort against them despite losing. 


This Asian Junior & Cadet Championships was not just a historic one for the women's sabre team, but for the rest of the other weapon groups as well. An astounding 14 medals were attained:

Three golds - Women’s Cadet Foil individual; Women’s Cadet Foil and Sabre team
Three silvers - Men’s Junior Foil Individual; Women’s Cadet Individual Sabre; Men’s Cadet Foil Team
Eight bronzes - Women’s Junior Epee Individual; Women’s Junior Epee, Sabre and Foil Team; Women’s Cadet Epee Team; Women’s Cadet Epee, Sabre and Foil Individual

Asgard would like to offer our congratulations to everyone involved: Fencers, Coaches and the association. Wonderful achievement and a great outlook for the future of Singapore's fencing scene indeed.

Also, we've added a snippet of the Final point of the Cadet Team Finals: