Asgardian Monthly - October's Europe Tour

October was an extremely busy month for our top fencers Ywen, Joyce and Nicole as they competed in the Junior World Cups and European Cadet Circuit event on almost every weekend. It was also an important learning period as we competed using the new rules for sabre for the first time.

European Cadet Circuits – Godollo / Meylan / London

Ywen took time off to train in Europe for two weeks with reknowned Coach Andras (Coach of Olympic Champion Aron Szilagyi) in Budapest. During the two weeks she competed in the Godollo and Meylan legs of the European Cadet Circuit (ECC) and maintained her dominance in the Cadet age group, finishing as Champion in the Godollo ECC and a Silver medallist at the Meylan ECC. The win in Godollo was extremely impressive as it is easily the toughest leg of the ECC, with more than 200 fencers in the women’s sabre event, and most of the top Cadet fencers present.

Ywen cemented her reputation as the top Cadet fencer by finishing the month at the top of the official ECC rankings. Ywen is certainly flying our flag high with her outstanding performances!

Nicole, another of our top cadets, also visited Europe at the end of October to participate in the London leg of the ECC. Nicole unfortunately lost to her opponent 15-14, but finished with a very respectable ranking of 21 out of 89 fencers. Nicole also participated in the team event the next day, and the Singapore team did well and finished as Champions, with Nicole anchoring the team to a well fought 45-35 victory over Belgium in the final. Well done Nicole!

Junior World Cups – Plovdiv / Sosnowiec

Ywen and Joyce also participated in the Junior World Cup (JWC) events. These events are officially sanctioned by the FIE and are certainly a huge step up from the ECC events, but the high difficulty certainly provides a much-needed challenge for our fencers.

Ywen attended the first JWC in Plovdiv, and it was her first time competing with the new rules. It took some time to adapt in the poule rounds, and as a result she faced some tough opponents in the DE. She fenced well to beat an Italian in the round of 128, but unfortunately fell to an American fencer in the 64. It was an important learning experience and it certainly prepared her well for the Godollo ECC the following week!

Our next JWC stop was in Sosnowiec, Poland. Joyce and Ywen both competed and for Joyce it was her very first JWC experience. She fought well in her poules and defeated the top seeded opponent, but unfortunately fell to the others. Ywen fenced with much greater composure and confidence, and went through to the round of 32, where she faced off against her World Championship Finals opponent, Larissa Eifler of Germany. The scores were reversed this time however, and Ywen went down 14-15 in an exciting match.

It was certainly an action-packed month for us, and our fencers have certainly gained a ton of valuble experience and confidence from these events. Preparations will now begin for our next major tournaments in December and January and we will keep you updated!