January 2016 - The Second Half

The last competition for January was the Singapore Cadet World Cup, where the results from this competition would decide on the Cadet National Team for the season. This competition was open to international fencers, testing our fencers' mettle against the world's in both the individual and team events. 

Asgard had a contingent of 6 girls competing, comprised of Alexis, Rosamond, Nicole Wee, Ywen, Xinyi & Lucie. 4 of them (Rosamond, Xinyi, Nicole & Ywen) had the opportunity to be part of the National Teams that competed as well. 

24th January: Women's Sabre Individual

Poules Round

The girls fenced well, with Alexis showing remarkable improvement in this outing with 4 victories from her poule. Lucie was unfortunately eliminated, having not been able to secure two victories for qualification safety.

Direct Elimination

Round of 32 - 

Ywen & Nicole managed to attain a bye into the Round of 16, whilst Alexis, Xinyi & Rosamond had to fence. Xinyi brushed off her opponent Rebecca Lee (SPA) easily with a score of 15-7. Alexis had a rather tense bout, beating Sherry Goh (PRC), 15-13. Unfortunately for Rosamond, she lost to the 26th seed Ng Yu Xuan 13-15. 

Round of 16 -

In this round, 3 girls were defeated. Nicole then went ahead, matching up against Chu Wing Kiu (HKFS) and lost 11-15. Jessica Ong (ZFF) met with Xinyi winning 15-4. The most unfortunate happened when Alexis had to fence against Ywen, with Ywen eliminating her 15-0.

Quarterfinals to the Finals -

With only Ywen the only remaining Asgardian left, she fenced through to the end with remarkable ease. In the quarterfinals she fenced 15-8 (Nicole Goh, ZFF), 15-4 in the semifinals (Lee Kar Moon, SSP) and 15-5 in the finals against Jessica Ong (ZFF). 

25th January: Women's Sabre Team Event

As mentioned, we are proud to have 4 of our girls represent the country in the two National teams available. Ywen was assigned to Team A, and Xinyi, Rosamond & Nicole made up the bulk of Team B. This event had only 5 teams competing, with Team A fencing against Australia, and Team B fencing Hong Kong Fencing School (HKFS).


Team A defeated their opponents with consummate ease at 45-15. Team B was extremely unfortunate, losing by their skin of their teeth 44-45. This ensured that Team Singapore had secured two medal positions, with Team A fighting for the Gold in the finals. 


Team A's starting line up for the finals was Nicole Goh, Jessica Ong & Ywen, with Lee Kar Moon as the reserve. Ywen kicked things off snatching an early 5-0 lead, and they never looked back. Ywen finished off the bout, ending it at 45-20 and securing a Double Gold for herself. 

Women's Sabre Individual:
Gold - Ywen

Women's Sabre Team:
Gold - Ywen
Bronze - Nicole Wee, Lim Xinyi & Rosamond Ng