Asgardian Monthly - September and the conclusion of Locals

SEAFF - Historic Gold for Women's Sabre

Women's Sabre

The Southeast Asian Fencing Championships was held in Singapore, where Team Singapore faced stiff competition with fierce rivals Vietnam. Asgard's women's sabreurs started things off on Friday the second.

The 17 fencers were split into 3 poules, making the spread of fencers a lot smaller. This saw Joyce and Nicole Wee qualifying in a low position, Ywen fifth and Ann 1st. With that, Nicole Wee and Joyce faced tougher opponents in the first round, with Nicole meeting Ywen in the 16s. Both of the girls lost unfortunately.

The quarterfinals Ann and Ywen didn't face much resistance, where they beat their opponents 15 - 7 and 15 - 8 respectively. This set up a Asgardian semi-final, where Ywen narrowly beat Ann 15 - 14. 

The 2015 SEA Games Champion Nguyen from Vietnam was awaiting in the final. Ywen kept her cool and tactics straight, finishing the bout 15 - 10 for a historic first gold medal in SEAFF for Team Singapore.


Women's Foil 

Our superstar Ysien faced a tough poule, beating all her compatriots but losing to the Philippines and Vietnam resulting in evens in victories & losses. This placed her at 12th after poules. 

Gaining a Bye, #superYsien faced Samantha (PHI) in the 16s, losing at a heartbreaking score of 14 - 15. 

This loss must have buoyed her into putting a good performance in the team event, where a solid Ysien paved a win for the team. The Finals saw the young Singaporean Women's Foil Team triumph Vietnam 45 -27.


Merlion Cup - Final local ranking competition

Women's Sabre

The final local competition was a peculiarly scheduled one, with Women's Sabre event held the weekend after SEAFF on 17th September. This competition had a total of 10 participants, with 6 Asgardians in attendance.

The poules finished with 2 casualties, Alexis and Clarabelle. Ann and Ywen kept their SEAFF form running, attaining joint 1st position post-poules. Nicole was the last qualifier at 8th, and Joyce placed 4th. 

With so few fencers, it was inevitable that two Asgardians would be matched up. Ann and Nicole were the two (un?)lucky fencers, were a closely contested bout saw Ann win by a single point. Elsewhere, Ywen beat Christine (YIF) and Joyce lost to Candice Lee (SPF).

The two Asgardians featured in separate semi-finals this time. They quickly dusted their opponents off with 15 - 7 and 15 - 6 victories, setting up what has become a frequent sight of Asgardian finals. 

In typical fashion, the bout was closely contested throughout, finally ending 15 - 14 in Ywen's favour. 

Men's Sabre 

It was a much smaller turnout than usual, with 18 fencers competing. Clive faced a tough poule, losing a match in the poules. 

In the 16s he faced Jeremy (MDF), beating him 15 - 11. This was followed up by Jing Siang (HCF) in the quarterfinals, and then Zheng Jie (YIF) in the Semifinals.

The finals was against young Ahmad (SSP), who had made dramatic wins in his previous bouts. The 16 year old proved tough competition, and finally it ended in Clive's favour 15 - 11. 



WS -
Gold - Ywen

Bronze - Ann

Gold (Team) - Ysien
Merlion Challenge
Gold - Ywen
Silver - Ann

Gold - Clive