Asgardian Monthly - August 2016

Much like the previous month, the local season kicked into full gear again when we had the Junior & Senior Championships through the 19th - 21st weekend. First up, a recap of the Junior Womens Sabre event, where we had an astounding 9 fencers who participated.

19th August : Junior Championships (WS & WF)

Women's Sabre -
Calista, Clarabelle, Heidi, Joyce, Lucie, Maddy, Nicole, Xinyi & Ywen

The poules was a hectic affair, with our coaches jumping from piste to piste to facilitate our 9 fencers. Lucie was an unfortunate elimination from the poules, otherwise it proved to be a rather routine affair with the other girls qualifying. 

Five of our girls had to fence in the first round of the Direct Elimination (T32). Clarabelle, Xinyi and Heidi secured victories, whereas Calista lost 11 - 15 to Vanessa Chee (SMS) and Maddy to Xinyi.

Clarabelle, Xinyi and Heidi headed into the T16 with tough opponents ahead, matching up against Jessica Ong (BLD), Candice Lee (SPF) and Ywen and falling to defeat. Elsewhere, Nicole Wee beat Alexandra Khorvat (BLD) 15 - 9 and Joyce dispatched Christine Tan (YIF) 15 - 11. 

Entering the Quarterfinals, Joyce and Ywen fenced off to a 15 - 4 victory for Ywen whilst Nicole lost out to Jessica Ong 12 - 15. Ywen then faced Candice Lee in a neck-to-neck bout, pulling through with a commanding rally of points to end it at 15 - 11.

Ywen was then matched up with Candice's younger sister Jolie in the Final. Things proved to be just as difficult but it was once again a 15 - 11 victory and Gold for Ywen.

Women's Foil - 

Asgard's best women's foilist, the one and mighty superstar Lau Ysien was the sole representative for this event. 

The poules were no match for her, where she secured 5 victories easily. This result gave her a great position of 4th after poules, and she promptly sent her opponent in the T16 on her way. 

A certain Denyse Chan (ZFF) stood in Ysien's path to medal glory (aka. Semifinals). This turned out to be a small obstacle of a 15 - 4 victory, and now Ysien has to fence against yet another ZFF Foilist in Amita Berthier. Ysien really put in a shift this time, battling it out with Amita until the end for a 15 - 12 victory. 

Maxine Wong (YMC) was the other finalist, and it was here that Ysien lost and settled for a Silver.

20th - 21st August : Senior Championships (WS WF MS)

The breeches were probably still wet, muscles still aching and bags unpacked, but there was not much time for a breather as the Senior Championships kicked off less than 24 hours later for our Women's Sabreurs. 

Women's Sabre Senior
Ann, Joyce, Nicole & Ywen

Poules came and went quickly, with the girls (listed above) gaining 1st, 6th, 3rd and 2nd place respectively.

This slightly smaller competition saw Joyce and Nicole matched up in the Quarterfinals. Facing a clubmate is never an easy battle due to the familiarity, and the score reflected that when Joyce beat Nicole 15 - 14. Ann Lee and Ywen beat their opponents with relative ease to enter the Semifinals as well.

Joyce had a second bout of fence-your-clubmate in the Semifinals, this time against Ywen. The result swung the other way this time round in Ywen's favour. Ann faced Christabel (ABF) and won 15 - 7.

An all-familiar Asgardian final was in play again, with Ywen and Ann fencing for the Gold. It ended 15 - 13 to Ywen, completing her double Gold for the weekend. 

Women's Foil Senior

Remember Ysien's performance in the poules the day before? She did it again with a clean sweep of 5 victories, placing third in the post-poule ranking. 

The round of 16 also seemed like deja vu, where Ysien beat Antonia Rezax (BLD) 15 - 2. Next up in the Quarterfinal was Rachel Lim (ZFF), in which a 15 - 12 score was required for Ysien to clinch a medal and progress on to the semis. 

Here she faced top seed Nicole Wong (ZFF). It was an extremely intense bout, where the score edged slowly upward with no distinct lead from either side. The two fencers fenced the entirety of the allotted time and the match went into the final minute priority, which Ysien possessed. During this minute there were two significant chances of victory for Ysien, but to no avail. With time trickling down to the final (and prickly) seconds, Nicole managed to score a single light and ended the match then and there. Bronze would be all that day.

Men's Sabre Senior
Clive Leu

Faithful reader (or readers? Surely more than one person reads this), we have come to the final event of the day. Thankfully : Gold. Again.


Junior Championships

Women's Foil
Silver - Ysien

Women's Sabre
Gold - Ywen

Senior Championships

Women's Foil
Bronze - Ysien

Women's Sabre
Gold - Ywen
Silver - Ann
Bronze - Joyce

Men's Sabre
Gold - Clive