Local ranking season completed


The National Training Squad for 2018-19 Season was announced in the beginning of November, and we are proud to have an incredible total of twelve of our fencers who qualified for the squad. Congratulations to all!

Men’s Sabre - Clive Leu

Women’s Sabre - Ann Lee, Lau Ywen, Nicole Wee, Jessica Ong, Leanne Chan, Heidi Loo, Calista Chong, Madeleine Fung, Megan Au, Lim Xinyi, Jesslyn Chen

Qualification for the training squad are derived from performances at the national championship events and we are proud of having won medals at each national ranking event.

Senior Championships

  • Silver - Ann Lee

  • Bronze - Clive Leu, Jessica Ong

Junior Championships

  • Silver - Nicole Wee (x 2)

  • Bronze - Jessica Ong (x 2)

  • Team Silver - Lau Ywen, Nicole Wee, Jessica Ong

Cadet Championships

  • Silver - Calista Chong (x 2)

  • Bronze - Megan Au (x 2), Kirsten Au

  • Team GOLD - Calista Chong, Heidi Loo, Madeleine Fung, Rebekah Sew

Fencers will now be preparing towards selection for the Asian and World Championships, through various international ranking events. We look forward to their further progress!

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