Singapore tops the table at Commonwealth Championships 2014

The All-Asgard Singapore Women's Sabre team - Ann, Sharmaine,  and Ywen

The All-Asgard Singapore Women's Sabre team - Ann, Sharmaine,  and Ywen

The Commonwealth Fencing Championships was held in Largs, Scotland, from the 10th to 15th of November 2014. The Commonwealth Championships are held every 4 years, similar to the Commonwealth Games (there is no fencing event at the Games).

This edition of the Commonwealth Championships was a roaring success for the Singapore contingent, as we TOPPED the medal tally for the first time ever, with a total of 4 Golds, 4 Silvers, and 2 Bronzes. This is even more impressive considering that we only managed 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes at the previous Commonwealth Championships in 2010. We have certainly come a long way in the past 4 years!

Our elite fencers Ann Lee, Lau Ywen, Sharmaine Cheung, Clive Leu and David Chan made up the majority of the Singapore Sabre team at the Commonwealth Championships. The Sabre team came back with Silver medals in the Women's Sabre Individual, Women's Sabre Team and Men's Sabre Team. Great job!

Women's Sabre kept us at the edge of our seats as the finals in both the individual and team events were extremely close and on another day we could have come back with Gold instead. In the individual final,  Ann Lee put up a great performance but lost narrowly to Katherine Kempe of Wales 12-15. Similarly for the team event, we were neck and neck with Scotland but unfortunately finished with a score of 42-45. Nonetheless it was a great result and these were the first ever medals won by Singapore in the Commonwealth Women's Sabre events.

In Men's Sabre, we did not manage to win medals in the individual event, but Clive Leu put up a great match against eventual champion Alex Crutchett in the round of 16, losing 10-15. During the team event, the Men's Sabre team beat Scotland 45-44 in a thrilling encounter in the semi-finals, but could not keep up with a strong England team in the final, finishing 24-45. However it was still reason to cheer as this was also the first ever Men's Sabre medal at the Commonwealths.

The results have certainly been a great boost to the team morale and we are looking forward to the SEA Games in June 2015!