Asgard Fencers in Europe

Over the past months, some of the Asgard fencers have travelled to Europe for various tournaments. We had the Flemish Open and Ghent FIE Satelite in October, as well as the Sofia European Cadet Circuit and the Plovdiv Junior World Cup in November. We achieved some amazing results with Lau Ywen setting new milestones in Singapore fencing history!

The Flemish Open and Ghent FIE Satelite took place on 18th October and it was also a ranking competition for our local national rankings. Clive Leu did well to finish 19th out of 61 fencers and he was ver unlucky not to finish in the top 16. Ann Lee and Lau Ywen also did us proud with Ann finishing 7th and Ywen coming home with the Silver after a close fight with Ukrainian Koslova. In addition, this trip gave us the opportunity to train with former National Coach Andras Decsi in Hungary, as well as witness the opening of his club's impressive new venue. Many thanks to Coach Andras and KVSE!

In November, Ywen journeyed to Bulgaria to compete in both the Sofia European Cadet Circuit (ECC) and the Plovdiv Junior World Cup (JWC). It was the first time that Ywen was competing in this series of events. In the Sofia ECC, Ywen came through a field of 110 fencers and finished an amazing Silver, becoming the first ever Singaporean to win a medal in Sabre at the ECC! The following weekend Ywen participated in the Plovdiv JWC and also did well, finishing 21st out of 87 fencers. Once again it was the best ever result by a Singaporean at a JWC, making it a highly successful week for her!

This run of promising results puts our best fencers in top positions in the national ranking, and for Ywen it is certainly a boost of confidence working towards the Asian and World Cadet Championships in 2016!