May & June 2016 - First wave of National Championships

27th - 29th May : Cadet & Junior Championships

The new season hit the ground running, opening with the Cadet and Junior Championships on May's closing weekend. The Cadets kicked off first, and Asgard's medal haul began with the Women's Sabre event.

Cadet's Sabre Individual

The Women's Sabre poules was a fairly standard affair. Nicole Wee scored First position, obtaining a bye into the Top 16s. Alexis Loh lost a single match, and the rest took mid-table positions. Two of our seven fencers, Calista Chong and Heidi Loo, performed admirably in their debut cadet outing. 

In the 32s, Asgard had a casualty in Lucie, who lost to fellow teammate Calista 15 - 13. Madeleine (15 - 5) and Minji (15 - 11) were victorious in their bouts.

Minji having the unfortunate task of fencing against Nicole in the 16s, who beat her to enter the quarterfinals. Alexis and Madeleine soon joined Nicole, Madeleine doing so with a commanding 15 - 3 score. Heidi had a heartbreaking loss against Rebecca Lee (14 - 15). Elsewhere Calista lost against 2nd-seed Kar Moon.

It was in the quaterfinals where Nicole showed her semifinal credentials with a 15 - 4 victory against Megan Au. However, her journey would end there, losing out to Christine Tan from YIF 14 - 15.

Madeleine and Alexis both lost in the quarterfinals.

James Teo was our only representative for the Cadet men's sabre event. This is also his first outing in the Cadet category, and was tasked to fence to the best of his ability during this "sight-seeing" competition. 

James scored 1 victory to his 4 losses in the poules, placing him 29th post-poules. He then faced 4th-seed Ahmad from SSP, putting up a brave defeat managing to take 5 points off his opponent.

Junior Sabre Individual

Nicole would feature in this competition as well, looking for an even better performance. She began with a flawless performance in the poule, attaining 3rd place. Following closely behind was Joyce in 6th place and Alexis in 8th. Clarabelle and Lucie rounded up the back with 13th and 19th place, with the latter being eliminated.

The girls began fencing in the Top 16s. Alexis and Clarabelle were the two casualties here, losing to sisters Candice and Jolie Lee. Strong performances from Joyce and Nicole pushed them into the Quarterfinals. It was here that the two remaining Asgardians fenced against each other, Nicole progressing into the semifinals 15 - 9. 

Facing Christine Tan once again in the semifinals, Nicole made sure a repeat defeat was not on the cards. She managed to dismantle her opponent's tactics, and possessed a comfortable lead throughout, winning 15 - 7. 

A breathtaking final against Jolie was next, where the scores were neck and neck from the get-go. After losing a point's advantage and tying the score up at 14 -14, the final point was a hard fought one. The two fencers charged up and down the piste, and Nicole clinched the Gold with a assured lunge-attack on Jolie's underarm. 

18th - 19th June: Senior Championships

Women's Sabre Individual

The first senior competition of 2016 / 2017 opened on 18th June with Women's Sabre. Ywen, Ann, Joyce & Nicole were present in this 13-person event.

Having so few fencers resulted in only 2 poules that were packed with formidable and familiar faces. Ann took 2nd-seed after poules. Ywen, Joyce and Nicole had startling results, claiming 9th, 10th and 11th place respectively, with Nicole being eliminated.

Despite their low ranks, Ywen and Joyce proved their ability beating their Top 16 opponents. In the Quarterfinals Ywen was matched up against top seed Nicole Goh from YIF, where closely fought 15 - 12 victory took her to the semis. Ann and Joyce were matched with each other, with Ann claiming the 15 - 7 victory.

Ywen and Ann beat their semifinal opponents with relative ease, and fenced each other in the final. It proved to be a physically exhausting bout, so much so that both finalists were audibly breathing heavily. It ended with a breathtaking (no pun intended) 15 - 14 victory for Ywen. 

Men's Sabre Individual

Clive won.


Bronze - Nicole Wee
Gold - Nicole Wee
Gold - Ywen, Clive
Silver - Ann