April 2016 - Primary School Inivitationals

23rd April : Primary School Invitationals 

The Annual Primary School Invitationals hosted by Singapore Sports School was the next competition to benchmark our fencers' progress. The competition proved to be a success for Asgard, with many of our fencers attaining medals.

Boys' Sabre Individual Event

The fencing in the poules was a well rounded one where many of our fencers put in a good showing. Post-poules Bryan was ranked 3rd, Emmanuel 5th, Jovern 6th and Augustine 8th. Jovern and Bryan would have to fence each other in the Quarterfinals.

Augustine had to face U-12 Minime Champion Wei Zhuo from FSP and lost 0 - 8. Emmanuel managed to seal a spot in the semifinals against Wei Zhuo, having beat Ian Tan from SJI. Bryan won Jovern to make it into the semis.

The Semifinals saw a victory for Bryan and a loss for Emmanuel. Bryan comfortably entered the finals, but saw a large loss against Wei Zhuo, settling for the Silver Medal.

Girls' Sabre Individual Event

The Girls' event proved to be a more successful one, clinching 3 out of 4 medals up for grabs.

Fencing well in the poules allowed the girls to be more favourably placed in the Quarterfinals. 1st-ranked Rebekah was matched up with Charis, 3rd-placed Elysha is met with Norisabella from LPS and Yu Qi would be fencing Ashley who are ranked 5th and 4th respectively. 
Rebekah, Yu Qi and Elysha came up victors, sealing 3 of 4 semifinals slots.

Rebekah fenced against Yu Qi in the semifinals (a rematch of sorts from the Minimes last month) and Elysha faced Victoria Ann Fox. Rebekah managed to turn the match in a favour this time coming out on top, and Elysha showed good composure and fencing understanding during her victory against Victoria. 

As is common when clubmates fence each other, the familiarity toward one another's fencing made it an enticing match. Despite Elysha having a 4 - 2 lead at the half, Rebekah pulled off a flurry of parry-ripostes to level the score and take the lead to 7 - 4. There were a few more exchanges, and it ended with Rebekah winning the Gold 8 - 6.

Boys' Sabre :
Silver - Bryan
Bronze - Emmanuel
Girls' Sabre :
Gold - Rebekah
Silver - Elysha
Bronze - Yu Qi