2017/18 Asian and World Championships


The 2017/18 Cadet and Junior fencing season has ended with the impressive World Championships held in Verona earlier this month. A huge shout-out to our National Women’s Foil Junior team who shocked some big nations to finish with an incredible Silver medal in the Team event!

Our Asgard girls comprised the majority of the national sabre team for the Asian and World Championships, and the final results are as follows:

Asian Championships

Junior (out of 40 fencers) – Lau Ywen (SILVER), Nicole Wee (14th)

Junior Team – 5th Position

Cadet (out of 36 fencers) – Leanne Chan (13th), Heidi Loo (18th), Alexis Loh (20th)

Cadet Team – Bronze

World Championships

Junior (out of 126 fencers) – Lau Ywen (15th), Nicole Wee (104th)

Junior Team – 14th Position

Cadet (out of 104 fencers) – Leanne Chan (65th), Heidi Loo (76th)

Junior World Ranking.jpg

Our top fencer Ywen made history in both the Asian and World Championships by achieving Singapore’s best ever result in the event with her individual Silver in the Asian Championships and 15th placing at the World Championships. She finished the season with a career-best 14th position in the Junior World Rankings, also a milestone for Singapore fencing! Our other Junior fencer Nicole Wee didn’t have the best of luck in her World Championships poule, but she fenced well in her team events and is determined to do better the next time. This is only their first Junior year, and we look forward to their continued progress.

It was the first time at the Asian and World Championships for our Cadet fencers Leanne, Heidi and Alexis. They managed to show some good fencing and even came back with a team Bronze from the Asian Championships! They have a couple more years to go in the Cadet category and we hope that this experience will push them towards greater heights.

Our fencers will now take a well-deserved break before preparing for the next Cadet and Junior season in the second half of the year. Our Senior fencers Ywen, Ann and Clive will soon have their Asian and World Championships in June and July, and we will be giving our fullest support and encouragement towards these events.

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