January 2016 - The First Half

The New Year has hit the ground running with a jammed packed January, with four competitions and each one being just as critical as the next. There were two competitions each in the Cadet and Senior Categories, and these competitions will decide on the National Squad for the next Competitive Season. Held at the OCBC Arena, here are the updates on the two recently concluded competitions: Singapore Cadet Championships & Fencing Singapore Challenge. 

8th - 10th of January: Singapore Cadet Championships

The Singapore Cadet Championships saw an attendance of 30 Competing Fencers with Asgard's Lucie, Nicole, Rosamond and Xinyi amongst them in the Women's Sabre Event.

With standout performances from Rosamond & Nicole (Poule Queens), all the girls managed to qualify into the direct eliminations.

Both Lucie and Xinyi had tough bouts, Lucie losing 6-15 in the top 32s and Xinyi 11-15 in the 16sRosamond went up against Ailing Ranner (PRCS) in the quarterfinals and it was agonisingly close, losing 14-15. In another Quarterfinal, Nicole dispensed of her opponent with relative ease, beating Christine Tan (YIF) 15-6 & met Ailing in the semifinals, beating her 15-7. The finals proved to be a slight disappointment, as Nicole had to settle for a Silver after losing 15-8 to Alyssa Saw (ZFF). 

The Team Event the next day proved to be the day of celebration. The girls powered their way to the top, comfortably beating Chung Cheng Yishun (45-26) and Pasir Ris Crest Secondary's B team (45-23) to nab the Gold Medals. 

This was the second last ranking competition for the Cadet National Team. The Singapore Cadet World Cup on the 23rd - 26th would be the last competition before securing their places in the National team.

Women's Individual:
Silver - Nicole Wee
Women's Team:
Gold - Lucie Manson, Nicole Wee, Rosamond Ng & Lim Xinyi

16th - 17th January: Fencing Singapore Challenge

Women's Sabre began on the 16th with five Asgardians: Alexis, Joyce, Nicole, Rosamond & Ywen.

The poules proved tricky, and Alexis was unfortunately eliminated from the poules. The other girls managed to qualify with Ywen ranked highest at 3rd. 

Joyce & Rosamond had to fence off in the Round of 16, with Joyce coming out on top 15-4. She then met against Jolie Lee (SPF) in an intense quarterfinal, losing 14-15 to her. Nicole also lost her quarterfinal bout to Jessica Ong (ZFF) 10-15, while Ywen beat Nicole Goh (ZFF) 15-9 to advance to the Semis.

To end the day on a high note, Ywen powered past Jolie Lee (SPF) and Candice Lee (SPF) in the Semis and Finals with scores of 15-7 and 15-9 respectively to claim the Gold Medal. 

Men's Sabre had only one Asgardian, and things were routine for Clive in the Poules with victories against all his opponents giving him the rank of 2nd post-poules. 

The Round of 16 saw Clive win against Sean Yan (YIF) 15-13, followed by a 15-9 victory against another YIF fencer Ron Loh. Clive fenced a 15-13 victory against Jeremy Tan (BLD) in the Semis, before losing in the finals against Choy Yu Yong (ABF) in the finals, 15-8. 

Women's Individual:
Gold - Ywen
Men's Individual:
Silver - Clive