December 2015 - Junior Fencing Championships

The Singapore Junior Fencing Championships had 6 Asgardians competing in the Women's Sabre Events: Alexis, Joyce, Nicole, Rosamond, Xinyi & Ywen. 

19th December: Women's Sabre Individual

Things started off brightly in the Individual Events, with everyone securing qualifications into the Direct Eliminations Round of 16. Unfortunately in this round Alexis, Xinyi & Rosamond were knocked out by Christine Tan (YIF), Jolie Lee (DPF) & Jessica Ong (ZFF) respectively. Joyce, Nicole and Ywen advanced to the next rounds with Joyce and Nicole both having very closely fought battles, winning by the skin of their teeth (15-13 & 15-14). Nicole and Ywen then fenced each other, with Ywen beating her fellow clubmate. Joyce had a match against Chrislyn Tan (DPF) which ended 15-10 to advance to the semifinals. 

In the Semifinal, Joyce was matched up against Jolie and managed to keep things neck and neck. A few unforced errors from Joyce however resulted in Jolie winning 15-12. This result meant that the finals would be a 2014 rematch of Ywen vs Jolie, in what would be an enticing encounter. However, Ywen comfortably dispatched Jolie, beating her 15-3 and claiming the Gold. 

20th December: Women's Sabre Team

Asgard had two teams assembled for this event. Joyce, Nicole & Ywen made up Team A, while Alexis, Rosamond & Xinyi made up Team B. Team A had attained top ranking and Team B was ranked 3rd in this 5 team competition. 

Team A's semifinal bout was straightforward, overpowering Singapore Sports School 45-11. Team B suffered a different fate, falling to Duxton Plain Fencing 45-24. Despite the loss, the team had put up some of their best fencing, and look determined to be the ones victorious the next time. 

The finals once again saw Ywen and Joyce face off against their opponents from the previous day. Joyce was the first to hook up against Candice Lee and provided a solid 3 point lead at 5-2. Ywen and then Nicole fenced, and soon we were away and cruising, with the Finals ending at 45-25. 

Great way to finish the last competition of the year with medals all around for our girls, and Ywen winning a Double. 

Medal Roll:

Women's Individual
Gold - Ywen
Bronze - Joyce
Women's Team
Gold - Joyce, Nicole & Ywen
Bronze - Alexis, Rosamond & Xinyi

Conclusion of AJWL 2015

The Asgard Junior Warriors League was created as a platform to help our young fencers to be better equipped and mentally hardened for future competitions. Organised in a poule format, it has been held monthly since its inauguration in July. During the 5 rounds that begun in July, our young Asgardians had battled valiantly. Determination and a hunger to win are key ingredients to success, and to have witnessed it amongst our students is extremely encouraging. 

We also kicked off Balloon Fencing that day! Our fencers were arranged into poules, and each had a balloon attached to the top of their masks. If your balloon pops or falls 3 times, you're out. It was a hilarious time with the kids looking like teletubby ripoffs as well as the countless rallies against each other. 

Medal Roll

Best Boy - Bryan Hoh

Best Girl - Wong Yu Qi