JUL2016 - Hong Kong!! (& we had the Cadet Championships too)

The tail end of July saw two youth competitions come into play, with the Cadet Championships held in Singapore Sports School (SSP) and the Hong Kong Junior & Cadet Championships (HKFA U-20 & U-17).


24th July : Cadet Championships 

Asgard was heavily involved with the Women's Sabre event, having 6 fencers. Everyone put in a good performance in the poules, where Nicole and Ywen were ranked third and second respectively.

Maddy fenced well against Seah Yi Shan of HCI, and elsewhere Xinyi narrowly beat Calista 15 - 14 in the first round (T32). The T16s saw 3 of the remaining 5 Asgardians defeated, while stunning 15 - 2 and 15 - 3 victories were displayed by Nicole and Ywen to enter the Quarterfinals. Ywen further outdid herself by pulling off a 15 - 1 victory and Nicole produced a victory as well, leading to a Semifinal matchup between the two.

It was a close bout which eventually led to a 15 - 9 victory for Ywen. A final between her and Lee Kar Moon of SSP ended 15 - 8 in favour of Asgard.

29th - 31st July : HKFA U-20 & U-17

Which brings us to Hong Kong for the Cadet and Junior Events! 

Our contingent of Clarabelle, Xinyi, Joyce, Nicole & Alexis landed in Hong Kong on the 28th, with Alexis, Xinyi and Nicole participating in the Cadet events.

Women's Sabre - Cadets

Nicole (8th), Xinyi (11th) and Alexis (19th) qualified from the poules, with Alexis needing to participate in the round of 32s. She beat her opponent (14th) with ease, 15 - 5. This victory then matched her up with Kathy Hu (3rd), where she lost 15 - 8. Nicole faced fellow compatriot Chirstine Tan, and pulled off a 15 - 9 victory. Xinyi lost 15 - 9 to Hong Kong's Laren Leung.

Nicole had to then fence the Quarterfinals against a fellow Singaporean, Nicole Goh. She lost, 15 - 7.

Women's Sabre - Juniors

Our fencers faced stiffer competition in this event, and Asgard saw two poule casualties in Alexis and Clarabelle (eliminated). Nicole was ranked 4th, followed by Joyce (11th) and Xinyi (19th).

A familiar face was the villain once again, as Kathy Hu beat Xinyi in the T32. In the T16, Nicole and Joyce both had close bouts with their opponents, but managed to pull away victorious. Joyce would then meet Singaporean Nicole Goh, who won by a whisker, 15 - 14.

Elsewhere, Nicole entered the Semifinals after beating HK's Lau Wing Yi. 

However she was to face heartbreak here, where she lost to Cadet Champion Chan Yin Fei, 15 - 13. 


Cadet Championships

Gold - Ywen
Bronze - Nicole Wee

Bronze - Nicole Wee