European Season Begins!


The European competition season began in October with the Asgard Junior team and the Cadet team involved in separate events around Europe.

The Asgard Junior team comprising Lau Ywen, Nicole Wee and Joyce Ng participated in their first Junior World Cup of the season in Sosnowiec, Poland. With 154 fencers participating, the girls did well with Ywen and Nicole finishing the poules with four victories and Joyce finishing with three.

Unfortunately things didn’t go so well in the direct elimination matches, with Nicole losing out 15-9 to Hungarian Greta Kroos, and Joyce losing 10-15 to a Polish fencer in the round of 128. Ywen won her first match comfortably 15-4, before losing in the round of 64 to Merza from the USA by an agonisingly close score of 14-15.

The girls had to fence in the team events the following day, and we were seeded 14th in the competition, and drawn against Hungary in the first round. The girls put up a close fight but went down 34-45. Eventually we managed to defeat Belarus and Canada, to finish in 11th position – an improvement considering our original seeding. Well done!

There will still be a number of Junior World Cup events to come before the zonal and world championships. Ywen and Nicole will be participating next in the Dormagen Junior World Cup in December, and we look forward to the experience!


The Asgard Cadet Team, comprising Alexis Loh, Leanne Chan, Heidi Loo and Calista Chong were also in Europe from 26th October to 6th November to participate in the London and Sofia legs of the European Cadet Circuit. This would be their first experience of the ECC, and they were naturally nervous and excited about competing.

In London, the girls mostly did well in the poules, but we were unfortunate to have Alexis meet Heidi in the round of 64. Calista had a nervous start and did not make it past poules, but she was determined to bounce back for the next event. Eventually Leanne and Alexis both finished in the top 32, which was a good result for a first try!

After London we travelled to Bulgaria for a short training stint with Eftropolski Fencing Academy. The field was much strong in the Sofia ECC with 131 fencers competing, but our girls were more ready and confident for the event, with the whole team making it past the poules.

The round of 128 had mixed results for us, with Leanne winning comfortably against a much higher seed, while Heidi and Calista also progressed into the 64. Alexis however suffered a heartbreaking loss, which did not reflect her excellent fencing in the poules.

Leanne and Heidi continued with good wins in the round of 64, while Calista lost to one of the top seeded fencers. Leanne and Heidi finally finished in the round of 32, with Heidi also losing by the narrowest of margins, 14-15.

All in all it was still a good performance from the girls, as they could hold their own in the face of some tough competitors. They will continue their season with the Eislingen ECC in December!

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