August 2014

August marks the beginning of a new season of fencing. While most of our fencers have been taking a short break after the exertions of the previous season, one of our top fencers Lau Ywen has been busy preparing for the upcoming ASIAN GAMES in September. Ywen made history in July, becoming the first Singaporean female fencer to make it to the top 8 of the Asian Championships. Following her result she was granted approval to participate in the Asian Games in September, the youngest athlete in the Singaporean contingent. This month she has undergone training camps in Beijing and Hong Kong as part of her preparation for the Games. We wish her all the best at the Games!


On 17th August our fencers also participated in the Novices Championships, a competition meant for fencers with fewer than three years of experience. Our new fencers Lim Xinyi, Ko Minji and Rosamond Ng did well with individual results of 8th, 10th and 18th respectively. They also came in 5th during the team event, losing in the quarter-final due to an unfortunate injury to Rosamond during the match. With this being their first time participating in the Novices after about one and a half years of fencing, we believe they will come back with medals the next time!


We ended the month with the National Junior Trials on 31st August. This competition serves as a ranking competition, with participants gaining points for the national junior rankings. Joyce, one of our national fencers, finished the competition in third place, placing her on course to remain in the national junior team this season. Ywen could not take part as she was away preparing for the Asian Games.