Head Coach / Founder

David’s fencing journey began in 2001, at Raffles Junior College. While deciding on a new Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), he stumbled upon a demonstration by the school fencing team. He was instantly drawn towards the aggressive slashing movements of the Sabre, and signed up on the spot. He and a number of his fellow newbies (some of whom remain close friends and former national teammates) were so enamoured by the sport they began to seek additional trainings – sometimes training up to 6 times weekly. This commitment to training paid off when David entered the national team in 2003.

Since then he has won numerous National Championships and International events such as the Hong Kong Open, Malaysian Open and Australian Open. He was also awarded Singapore Management University’s Sportsman of the Year in 2006. David was the country’s top-ranked Men’s Sabre fencer and Captain of the Men’s Sabre team from 2003 to 2014. In 2013 David became the first sabre fencer in Singapore history to enter the top 64 round of the World Championships. He retired from the National Team following the 2015 SEA Games.

Winning is not the end goal of sport. Winning is simply part of the process through which we realise the limits of our physical, intellectual and mental potential. Losing, winning, frustration, elation – these are all milestones of our sporting journey and they contribute to the final victory. This victory is the victory of self-discovery and affirmation, of realising that you have pushed yourself further than you had thought possible.

I chose the coaching profession because I believe this victory is attainable by all. I have witnessed first-hand the transformation of lives through sport, and I believe that Fencing – a sport that challenges you both physically and mentally – provides an opportunity for transformation, and victory.

In 2011, David left the Ministry of Defence to join the Fencing community and work towards developing the next generation of fencers. Prior to setting up Asgard, David was also the Sabre Coach for the Singapore Sports School, leading them to unprecedented success, including a first ever clean sweep of Division titles at the National Interschool Championships.

Today. David is one of the more prominent coaches in the region, as he has been responsible for the development of SEA and Asian medalists, as well as Singapore's only World Champion, Lau Ywen. He continues to be passionate about contributing towards the growth of the sport in Singapore, and to have a hand in molding young men and women into athletes with a champion’s heart. At Asgard, he hopes to create our future sporting legends and warriors for the community.


Bachelor's in Social Science (Political Science and Psychology), Singapore Management University

National Coaching Accreditation Program Certification

National Standards for Youth Sports Workshop Certification

Coaching in Singapore Schools: Developing the Whole Child Workshop Certification

Standard First Aid



U17 WORLD CHAMPION (Lau Ywen) - 2016

SEA Games Individual Champion (Lau Ywen) - 2017

U17 Asian Championships Team Champions (Lau Ywen, Nicole Wee) - 2016

U20 Asian Championships Team Bronze (Lau Ywen, Joyce Ng) - 2016

U17 Asian Championships Individual Silver (Lau Ywen) - 2016

U17 Asian Championships Team Silver (Lau Ywen, Joyce Ng, Nicole Wee) - 2015

U17 South East Asian Championships Individual Bronze (Heidi Loo) - 2018

U20 South East Asian Championships Individual Silver (Heidi Loo) - 2018

U20 South East Asian Championships Individual Champion (Joyce Ng) - 2018

U20 South East Asian Championships Team Champions (Joyce Ng, Heidi Loo, Calista Chong) - 2018